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From marketing strategy to hands-on support

If you're looking for cost effective ways of boosting your business, whether it's through public relations, the internet or a broad spectrum of other marketing communications tools, then Robin Gregson can provide the expertise and capabilities you need.

Chartered MarketerAs a Chartered Marketer, I can help you develop successful marketing strategies, harness the power of the media and enhance your image in the eyes of your customers. For large and small businesses alike, my priority is to improve the bottom line; everything I do is geared to making your budget work for you as hard and efficiently as possible.

The following pages describe my experience, and the many copywriting and marketing communications services I can put at your disposal. If you're facing a marketing challenge and you'd like to discuss some ideas, please contact me today.

Sector Experience

Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy

Whether you're seeking to raise market awareness or launching a new business, it always pays to work to a coherent strategy. Research, profitability, USPs... I'll help you get all the basics right.

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Marketing Communications

I have more than 25 years' experience in the field of marketing communications. From advertising to PR, internet marketing to CRM, I'll help you get the best possible returns on investment.

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Copywriting & Social Media

Effective marketing so often relies on conveying the right messages in clear and persuasive language. As an experienced copywriter, some-time journalist and author, I can help you do just that.

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"Copywriter, marketing adviser, PR agent and a dependable 'voice of sanity', Robin has been adding value to our business for more than a decade." L.E., Greater Manchester

"I first started working with Robin when he was introduced to me as a marketing coach. He helped us with our initial start-up strategy and he's been giving us invaluable support and advice ever since." J.S., Merseyside

"We've worked with Robin for several years now and he's become very much part of the team. He's a safe pair of hands and we know that if we hand him a project, he'll always deliver." A.S., Lancaster