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Marketing Strategy Development

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Marketing Strategy Development

Marketing strategy - chess boardDevising the right marketing strategy is critical to the success of any business venture. Essentially, it's your plan for meeting your customers' needs in a way that delivers healthy and sustainable profits.

An effective marketing strategy ensures that you keep in touch with your markets; that you understand where the most profitable demand is coming from and how it might be changing over time. With that information, you can make meaningful decisions about the future direction of your operations - and that's as true for blue-chip businesses as it is for a new start-up.

As an experienced marketing consultant, I appreciate that a big part of my job is about asking the right questions - so you can make informed decisions about how you want your business to change and grow. These questions might cover such topics as:

  • Your product mix - is it right for the demands of the current market?
  • Research - how do you recognise what your customers really want?
  • Pricing and profitability - where are you making the biggest margins and what can you do to improve them?
  • Your routes to market - might there be more cost-efficient ways to find and sell to your customers?
  • Publicity and reputation - what are the most effective ways of building your brand?

Of course, every business faces different challenges and, when it comes to marketing strategy development, each will require a tailored approach. That's why I'll always take the time to gain a clear understanding of your work, your target markets and your fundamental commercial objectives. Together, we'll save you time and money by identifying where you can concentrate your marketing resources most effectively.

Blogs & Social
  • The written word has always helped shape the relationships between businesses and their customers. Sales literature, websites, newsletters and blogs are just some of the many marketing platforms that depend on making a strong first impression. However, with new communications channels opening up all the time, good copywriting has never been more important.

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  • Online and offline, the media have a constant hunger for news. Businesses of all sizes can use this to their advantage - if they know how to present their stories in a form that journalists can use. By training your staff or by providing active personal support, I can help you secure high quality, low cost coverage that raises market awareness and builds your brand reputation.

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  • No one would doubt the growing importance of online communications. However not all businesses can afford to dedicate valuable staff time to managing social media campaigns or keeping websites populated with fresh, unique content. Outsourcing these tasks to an experienced content writer can help you improve your search engine rankings and boost customer engagement.

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  • Coaching, advertising, customer relationship management, direct marketing, event management and more... I've been delivering marketing services in various sectors since 1988 and, with access to an extensive network of designers, photographers, video companies, SEO agencies and more, there's an excellent chance that I can help you with whatever marketing challenges you face.

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