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Content Writing for Websites and Social Media

content writing for websites and blogsWebsite content writing differs from conventional professional copywriting services in a number of important respects but most notably because it seeks to do more than simply persuade and inform.

At heart, writing copy for websites, blogs and social media platforms is still about conveying clear, compelling messages: the emphasis is very much upon unique selling points and the benefits that customers can expect to enjoy. The style and the language must be appropriate to the customer profile and all content should reflect the interests, priorities and concerns of the market. This is the 'human' aspect of content writing and it's central to the business of transforming website visitors into paying customers, loyal supporters and valued long term partners.

However, whereas this first and most essential function of website content writing is based on proven principles of best practice, there is also a second vital consideration, the finer details of which are evolving all the time.

Content Writing and Internet Marketing

Website content is not only important to customers but also to the search engines and directories that play such a crucial role in helping people to find it.

Search engines are constantly refining and adapting their logarithms to deliver the best and most accurate search results they can - and one of the most salient factors in this process is the written content of any given site. Design, coding and link building all play crucial roles, too, but there is no doubt that when it comes to internet marketing and search engine optimisation, content is king.

Website content can come in many forms, from blogs and news articles to case studies, personal profiles, opinion pieces and other articles. But whatever form it takes, a kind of balancing act must always be performed. On the one hand, the content should be written in such a way as to include important key phrases - a skill that demands a certain understanding of search engine optimisation and internet marketing techniques - but, of course, the resulting text must also remain coherent, convincing and comprehensible to customers.

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A Chartered Marketer and a professional copywriter with over 25 years of experience, I provide blog and website content for an extensive range of clients in the public, private and voluntary sectors. I also work regularly with website design agencies, search engine optimisation specialists and internet marketing companies, all of which use my services to give their clients the best possible exposure online.

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Marketing Strategy
  • A good marketing strategy considers a wealth of important factors. Amongst others, they include customer demand and changing marketing preferences; pricing and profitability; the efficiency of different routes to market and the key messages you need to convey. Careful thought here can make an appreciable difference to your balance sheet.

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  • The written word has always helped shape the relationships between businesses and their customers. Sales literature, websites, newsletters and blogs are just some of the many marketing platforms that depend on making a strong first impression. However, with new communications channels opening up all the time, good copywriting has never been more important.

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  • Online and offline, the media have a constant hunger for news. Businesses of all sizes can use this to their advantage - if they know how to present their stories in a form that journalists can use. By training your staff or by providing active personal support, I can help you secure high quality, low cost coverage that raises market awareness and builds your brand reputation.

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  • Coaching, advertising, customer relationship management, direct marketing, event management and more... I've been delivering marketing services in various sectors since 1988 and, with access to an extensive network of designers, photographers, video companies, SEO agencies and more, there's an excellent chance that I can help you with whatever marketing challenges you face.

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Save on Social Media

Social media is now very much part of the business mainstream and few managers would doubt its value as a marketing tool. However, for many small organisations it can be difficult to justify the expense of recruiting someone to run social media campaigns and, with staff time at a premium, online marketing sometimes gets neglected.

However, by outsourcing the role to a professional content writer, you can ensure the job is performed to a consistently high standard - and at a fraction of the cost of employing an in-house writer.

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